CEPS/IISS European Security Forum

Meeting on 9 September 2002 on Iraq: If or When?

Speakers' papers

Selected readings/links

Compiled by Ellen Peacock, Emma Sullivan and Sophie Delfolie at the IISS Library and Information Department

Reports and monographs

UNSCOM's Comprehensive Review, Report to the UN Security Council, January 1999

Iraq: A new approach, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, August 2002

Iraq: Compliance, Sanctions and US Policy, by Kenneth Katzman (CRS Issue Brief for Congress), August 2002

Weapons of Mass Destruction: UN Confronts Significant Challenges in Implementing Sanctions Against Iraq (US General Accounting Office Report), May 2002

Developments in Iraq in Light of September 11, Center for Nonproliferation Studies Washington DC Round Table, January 17, 2002

Iraq: US Efforts to Change the Regime, by Kenneth Katzman (CRS Report for Congress), March 2002

Iraq-US Confrontation, by Alfred B. Prados and Kenneth Katzman (CRS Issue Brief for Congress), August 2002

If We Fight Iraq: Iraq and the Conventional Military Balance in the Gulf, by Anthony H. Cordesman, February 2002

If We Fight Iraq: Iraq and its Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Anthony H. Cordesman, February 2002

Iraq and the Risk Posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction. Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, by Anthony H. Cordesman, February 2002

Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs in Iraq, Testimony before the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats & Capabilities, Armed Services Committee of the US Senate, by Charles A. Duelfer, February 2002

Shibboleth Slaying in a Post-Saddam Iraq, by James A. Russell, Strategic Insights, June 2002

Will Saddam Seek to Extend His Presidency?, by Fouad El Khatib, Strategic Insights, May 2002

Inspecting Iraq: An action agenda, by Ephraim Asculai, Strategic Assessment, August 2002

Journal Articles

The Iraqi Maze: Searching for a Way Out, by David Albright and Kevin O'Neill, Non-Proliferation Review, Fall-Winter 2001

Next stop Baghdad?, by Kenneth M. Pollack, Foreign Affairs, March/April 2002

How to free Iraq, by Michael Rubin, Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2002

Khidhir Hamza: "I Can Forsee Saddam Controlling the Middle East" (interview by Daniel Pipes), Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2001

Iraq's Culture of Violence, by Shafeeq N. Ghabra, Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2001

Speeches and op-eds

Vice President Honors Veterans of Korean War, by Richard B. Cheney, San Antonio, 29 August 2002

The Politics of Intervention: Iraq 'regime change' is a revolutionary strategy, by Henry A. Kissinger, Los Angeles Times, 9 August 2002

Taking Apart Iraq's Nuclear Threat, by Ehud Barak, New York Times, 4 September 2002

Iraq Without Saddam, by Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, 1 September 2002

The Path to Unity, by Bob Dole, Washington Post, 1 September 2002

Why War Should Be America's Last Resort, by Wesley Clark, The Times, 29 August 2002

Take It to the Security Council, by Richard Holbrooke, Washington Post, 27 August 2002

The Right Way to Change Iraq's Regime, by James A. Baker III, International Herald Tribune, 26 August 2002

Act now, by George P. Schultz, Washington Post, 6 September 2002

America's right to fight Iraq, by John Chipman, Financial Times, 13 August 2002

Don't Attack Saddam, by Brent Scowcroft, Wall Street Journal, 15 August 2002

Debating Iraq, by Joseph Biden and Richard Lugar, New York Times, 31 July 2002

Saddam must allow weapons inspectors into Iraq or suffer the consequences, by Jack Straw, The Times, 5 March 2002

Letter to President Clinton, Project for the New American Century, 26 January 1998


United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM)

US Department of State: Iraq Update

Guardian Unlimited Special: Iraq

Center for Nonproliferation Studies: Iraq Special Collection

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Country Resources Iraq