CEPS/IISS European Security Forum

Meeting on 8 July 2002 on European Security and Defence Policy: achievement, purpose, perspectives

Speakers' papers (final versions)

Selected readings/links

Compiled by Ellen Peacock, Emma Sullivan and Sophie Delfolie at the IISS Library and Information Department

Terms of engagement: The paradox of American power and the transatlantic dilemma post-11 September by Julian Lindley-French, (Chaillot Papers, 52), Paris, May 2002

From Nice to Laeken: European defence: core documents, compiled by Maartje Rutten, (Chaillot Papers, 51), Paris, April 2002

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Non-alignment and European security policy: ambiguity at work by Hanna Ojanen et al., Helsinki 2000

A Transatlantic New Deal: What Europe Should Pay to Promote US Engagement by Malcolm Chalmers, (Policy Brief, 2) London: The Foreign Policy Centre, 2001

EU documents

Helsinki European Council: Presidency reports to the Helsinki European Council on "strengthening the Common European Policy on Security and Defence" and on "non-military crisis management of the European Union"

Strengthening the Common European Security and Defence Policy. Presidency Report to the Feira European Council

European Council in Nice, December 7-11, 2000: Draft Presidency Report on the European Security and Defence Policy

Presidency Report to the Göteborg European Council on European Security and Defence policy

Declaration on the Operational Capability of the Common European Security and Defence Policy, European Council Meeting in Laeken, December 14-15, 2001

Council Decision of 22 January 2001 setting up the Military Committee of the European Union

Council Decision of 22 January 2001 on the establishment of the Military Staff of the European Union

Council Decision of 22 January 2001 setting up the Political and Security Committee

Council Regulation of 26 February 2001 creating a rapid reaction mechanism

Remarks on the occasion of the official launching of the Political and Security Committee by Javier Solana, Brussels 1 March 2000

Summary of the intervention on European Security and Defence Issues by Javier Solana, Ministers of Defence Meeting, Brussels, 13 May 2002

Address on the 10th anniversary of the Petersberg Declaration by Klaus Bühler, President of the WEU Parliamentary Assembly 19 June 2002

Other documents: EU member and candidate countries


Austrian Security and Defence Doctrine

The European Peace, Security and Defence Community: Together, not Alone by Benita Ferrero-Waldner,

Towards a common European policy on security and defence: an Austrian view of challenges for the "post-neutrals" by Gustav Gustenau, (Occasional Papers, 9) Paris, October 1999


Factsheet: Foreign and Defence Policy


Estonia's European Security and Defence Policy and the Western European Union


Security and Defence Policy in Finland

The EU's security and defence policy


European Defence, Embassy of France, Washington DC


ESDP: A key project for European unification


Realigning neutrality? Irish defence policy and the EU by Daniel Keohane, (occasional Papers, 24), Paris, March 2001


Foreign and Defence Policy, Royal Netherlands Embassy

E.S.D.P. as a framework for defence co-operation [in Dutch], speech by minister F. H. G. de Grave


Portugal and the new NATO


The Role of Sweden and Finland in the Common European Security and Defence Policy


Defence and the EU: recent statements and events