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Meeting on 9 July 2001 on NATO Enlargement

Speakers' papers (final versions)

Selected readings/links

Compiled by Ellen Peacock, Emma Sullivan and Sophie Delfolie at the IISS Library and Information Department


NATO enlargement 2000-2015: determinants and implications for defense planning and shaping by Thomas S. Szayna, Santa Monica, CA: The Rand Corporation, 2001

Die Fortsetzung der NATO-Erweiterung: Kriterien und Optionen by Karl-Heinz Kamp, Sankt Augustin, June 2001

NATO Enlargement: The Article 5 Angle by Lawrence S. Kaplan, Atlantic Council of the United States Bulletin, Vol. 12 No. 2, February 2001

NATO Enlargement After the First Round, The International Spectator, April-June 1999

NATO after enlargement: Is the Alliance better off? By Sebestyén L. v. Gorka, NATO Review, Autumn 1999

Membership Action Plan

Membership Action Plan approved by the Heads of State and Government participating in the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

NATO's Membership Action Plan, NATO Factsheet, April 2000

NATO's Membership Action Plan (MAP) and Prospects for the Next Round of Enlargement by Jeffrey Simon, (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, East European Studies Programme, Occasional Paper No. 58), Washington, DC 2000

The Membership Action Plan: Keeping NATO's door open by Ambassador Klaus-Peter Klaiber, NATO Review, Summer 1999

Positions in NATO

President Bush's Remarks at Warsaw University, 15 June 2001

Why Europe Still Matters and Why NATO Should Enlarge Again, address by Senator Richard G. Lugar, CSIS Washington Roundtable on Capitol Hill, 13 June 2001

Ambassador Vershbow on U.S. View of NATO Enlargement, Fort McNair conference, 12 April 2001

NATO Handbook 2001, Chapter 3: The Opening Up of the Alliance

The Future of NATO by NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson, (first published in El Pais Yearbook 2000)

NATO Parliamentary Assembly, The 2001 Vilnius Spring Session, Declaration on NATO Enlargement, Vilnius, 31 May 2001

The Dynamics of NATO Enlargement: The difficult road to stability in Europe and Russia, speech by Markus Meckel, Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Washington DC, 12 June 2001

Baltic / Nordic Region

The Baltic Quest for Security: Euro-Atlantic Integration by Ariel Cohen, (The Heritage Foundation, Heritage Lecture No. 641), 28 July 1999

NATO Expansion and the Baltic States by Daniel Austin, (Conflict Studies Research Centre, Royal Military Academy), Sandhurst 1999

Fact Sheet Lithuania and NATO, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, April 2001

Statement by Mr. Antanas Valionis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, June 15 2001

Estonia's Security and Defence Policy – New Steps towards NATO Membership, Speech by the President of the Republic of Estonia at the Royal United Services Institute, London, 10 March, 2000

Vilnius Statement, Conference on "NATO's Role in the Changing Security Environment in Europe", Vilnius, 18-19 May 2000

Final report, International Defence Advisory Board to the Baltic States (IDAB), 10 February 1999

NATO information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania's National NATO Integration Programme

Latvia's Security Policy: integration into NATO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Latvia

Latvia's Annual National Program 2001

Estonia and NATO, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Estonian Integration to NATO: Membership Action Plan and Annual National Programme

Estonian National Programme, 2001

NATO and the Baltic States, by Taras Kuzio, Jane's Intelligence Review, November 2000

Southeastern Region

NATO's New Members: A Model for Ukraine? The Example of Hungary by James Sherr (Conflict Studies Research Centre, Royal Military Academy), Sandhurst 2000

Address by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia at the individual dialogue Between the Republic of Macedonia and NATO, 3 May 2000

Slovenia is Preparing for NATO Membership Invitation, Press Release, Slovenian Public Relations and Media Office, 20 April 2000

Bratislava Statement, adopted by the Prime Ministers of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, 11 May 2001

Romania's integration into NATO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania

Slovenia: Annual National Programme for the Implementation of the Membership Action Plan 2000-2001

Slovenia and NATO

Second International Conference on the Lessons learned and the Enhancement of Membership Action Plan, Sofia, 28-29 May 2001

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